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Feb 9 Blog Day! 2018 finished off and 2019 started! Enjoy!
Feb 8 Today we travelled to the Warrington area to meet up with friends who have met for 40 years since Richard and they had started a B.Ed Honours course. Over lunch we planned our next joint adventure in Bath.
Jan 24

Conditions further up the road, however, were more severe. This is the view from the main road outside the Kirkstone Pass Inn, looking down towards Sunny Bank. The road signs at the bottom said "ROAD CLOSED" but various people ignored it! Most returned a few minutes later after slipping to a halt. One car full had to be rescued by Mountain Rescue!

"Should have gone to Specsavers!"

Jan 23

Despite the weather, Richard travelled to Kendal Hospital for a hip X-ray, the waiting room was full and some people had been there a while! Fortunately, he was seen and out within an hour!

Due to his length, the staff had to wind the bed/table down to the floor and the actual camera up towards the roof to make sure the whole hip area fitted on the X-ray.

Jan 23
This was the view from our bedroom. About an inch of snow outside.
Jan 23
The winter has finally arrived and so has a pheasant who now pays daily visits to our bird feeders! He cannot reach all the food but happily hoovers up anything within range with his head through the cage bars!
Jan 20

As Richard was hobbling around with lights, Jill was down in London taking Megan and Jessica by train to Ben's for the day. All four girls - Megan, Jessica, Poppy and Daisy love to get together. Jill had taken a Silly Milly story with her. Richard had written this to entertain the girls. Here, Jessica is reading the story on the train to Reading.

Like to read the story? Click here

Jan 20

The second and last Sunday morning of removing lights. We started at 7am and ended at 3pm at which point Richard returned home, had a long hot shower and went to bed for 17 hours!

Meanwhile, Jill was in London, having taken the second batch of pencils!

Jan 13 The first day of taking down the lights around Ambleside. Rich struggled with walking as he seems to have osteoarthritis in the right hip (an ongoing saga!)
Jan 12

Today we went to the theatre in Keswick to see Beauty and the Beast. Afterwards, we went to Workington to collect 7000 pencils (not a mistake). The pencils were donated by the Derwent pencil company for use in poor areas of the world. Richard's Rotary club had recently heard about a village in Uganda which is visited each year by a local lady or her friend in London. So we collected the pencils and she then took a suitcase full to fly out to Uganda later this month. The suitcase had around 3000 pencils in it. A few days later Jill was due to go to look after Megan and Jessica so another 2000 went down with her! Jill met the lady under the clock at Waterloo to hand over the pencils! Rather like a John Le Carre film!

We still have 2000 pencils ready to go down the next time we drive down!

Jan 1 Happy New year to our Blog readers! This message is a bit later than planned but am finally catching up with the blog entries.