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Apr 7 Spent the day pottering around and getting the house back to normal after Ben and Co's visit.

Ben, Alison, Poppy, Daisy and Freddie (of course) went off the explore Rydal Cave.

Freddie went into the cave but wasn't too happy about staying there long so they retreated!

Apr 4

Today, we (all the adults) removed various dangerous branches from the ash tree on the car park. We started at 8am before any traffic might interrupt the work and by afternoon the wood was all cut up and stored for use in our log burner.

Freddie, however, decided the wheel barrow made a better way to get around!

  Freddie meets a Herdwick! Looks like a bit of a stand-off!
Mar 29 Freddie, their new puppy - a very cute Coton de Tulear - loved the cottage with so many adventures such as meeting sheep and exploring the cottage gardens, walks to the nearby farm etc.
Mar 29

Ben and family drove up from Reading, calling to watch St Helens RLFC play Wigan and win!!!! and then stayed with us until April 5th.

Poppy (L) and Daisy (R) meet Boots - The Saints Team Mascot

Mar 19 After breakfast with Poppy on her tenth birthday (Along with Megan and Jessica - 14 the same day), we loaded the car and headed towards home - via Richard's brother, Robert - who runs a riding school near Biddulph (Stoke on Trent) - where Richard and Robert grew up.
Mar 15 Hettie the Yeti had its first big trip when we drove it down to Ben's in Reading for the annual family birthdays weekend! In the space of 21 days the birthdays of Jill, Alison , Sarah (Alison's sister), Richard, Poppy, Megan Jessica ,Pauline (Alison's Auntie). Ben and Daisy all took place!
Mar 8 After a long search, we finally took delivery of the Jimny replacement today. It is a Skoda Yeti 2 litre TDI 4x4 and we have transferred the Jimny registration to the new car, called "Hettie the Yeti!"
Feb The rain seems to have been relentless this month, and the rain gauge is now working overtime!
Jan 25 The rain gauge was installed and it took many hours of tinkering to get the rain gauge to talk to the computer which holds the 'weather station to internet' software. Eventually it started to work - a good thing as I had been reduced to entering the rainfall a day at a time since January 1st, so the heaviness of the rain was not really visible.
Jan 12

Jill's car (The Jimny) has been retired to a friend of Ben's who is a mechanic and MOT tester. It was going to fail its MOT BADLY! So Rich drove it South today and it was sold to the chap for £500. He sold it on to a Jimny enthusiast who has repaired it (lots of welding and attention to 4x4 system needed) and he even put a 2 litre Vitara engine in it. It is now used for hill climb competitions in Oxfordshire and is "super powerful!"

We had it since 2010 when we paid £4200 for it so to get £500 was a nice end to it's story!

Rich hands over the Jimny to Ben's local MOT chap, Paul, on Sainsbury's car park where there was more space for the low loader than on Ben's driveway!

Jan 7 The weather station rain gauge has decided to stop working! The bad news is that it is no longer available and I don't want to spend £1000+ on a new weather station. Luckily, an Ebay search found two of the correct rain gauges - one in the USA and one in Kazakhstan! Unsurprisingly, I chose to buy from the USA seller! It arrived 12 days later.
Jan 1 We were back from our Christmas trip to the south with the family. In time honoured fashion, we did not stay up till midnight!