Some old family photos..

This is a new section of our website and comes about as a result of a meeting with Richard's cousin, Pat, who has provided previously unseen pictures of Richard's grandparents and great grandparents.

Richard's Great Grandfather, Richard Thomas Hague, lived in Cross Street in Windermere and was for many years the Captain of the Windermere and Bowness Fire Brigade. This was at the turn of the centrury and in the times of a horse-drawn fire engine.

He is pictured here, on the right with his bicycle, and the assembled fire brigade showing off their new engine outside the wooden fire station in Brook Road, Windermere.

When he retired from the fire brigade in 1898, he was presented with an armchair and a clock, both with a silver plaque to mark the occasion. This is the clock plaque. Notice the hallmark on the silver plaque. It was accompanied by an album containing all the names of the entire council officials and councillors!
Richard's gradfather, Fred Knight Attenborough who married Gertude Hague. For many years Richard has not had a photo of his grandad. Now, with the help of Richard's cousin, Pat, we have one again. This is exactly how Richard remembers his grandad, even down to the tweed jacket.
Gertude was Richard's grandmother. Richard cannot remember her but she was clearly an elegant lady.
Richard's grandad in his garden in Smethwick where he lived with his daughter Winifred and her family (including Pat). Winnie's husband, Bob Martin, was a GP and the house held the surgery in a downstairs room.